Liverpool and Manchester City: two teams left, three trophies left – who will win what? Analysis by Danny Murphy

The last few weeks of the season seem to be perfectly set up – Liverpool and Manchester City are about to go head-to-head and there is so much at stake.

These are the two best teams in the country and have been ahead of everyone else for several years thanks to the standards they set.

Their consistency has also been incredible and they both have such big lineup differences – that’s why they both have the chance to take all three major trophies that are still up for grabs.

You no longer know what Liverpool’s starting XI will be like, especially in attack, and you can never predict what City boss Josep Guardiola will do when he chooses his team.

Premier League top shot: 1st Manchester City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Chelsea, 4th Arsenal, 5th Tottenham and 6th Manchester United.

I’m looking forward to all the games that both sides have to play because so much depends on each of them, but especially when they play each other in the next few weeks.

We know it will happen at least twice – in the Premier League at the Etihad Stadium on 10 April and in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley next weekend. The Champions League final on May 28 is obviously also a possibility.

Nice to see. I think if you love football, you enjoy watching the best teams – with the best players and the best managers – go head to head in big events like this, with all the quality and intensity on the pitch and the pressure that comes with it.

Everything seems to be going the way of Liverpool

Little details make all the difference when two great teams like Liverpool and City meet.

You want these games to be played brilliantly, but that can be a tiny mistake – one person trips and loses focus on the standard at the wrong time.

Right now, Liverpool seem less inclined to do so. Jurgen Klopp’s side know how to do their job when they’re not playing well, something City haven’t had in recent weeks, helped by the fact that the Reds aren’t conceding goals at the moment.

This is partly due to the fact that they have a brilliant goalkeeper in Alisson who is at the top of his game and some quality defenders, but also because they are on the run and it should feel like everything is running its course.

I was there when you know you get into trouble in games because you see your opponent miss big chances or decisions go in your favor, but then you go ahead and win.

We saw this happen to Liverpool against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup on Sunday, and for their players it will only add to the feeling that their time has come. That’s how I would describe what Liverpool look like, bigger than City if anything.

Liverpool have already gained momentum from narrowing the league gap from City from 14 points on 15 January to one point now, as well as in the FA Cup semi-finals and drew with Benfica in the last leg. eight of the Champions League. The confidence around Anfield should be phenomenal.

Liverpool Manchester city
Final quarter Benfica Atletico Madrid
semi-final Villarreal/Bayern Munich Chelsea/Real Madrid

Who will win from here?

The FA Cup semi-final will put the least pressure on both teams, but it will also be treated differently from a qualifying point of view.

Liverpool have already won the domestic cup this year and City have won a lot of them over the past few seasons, so I think both teams now agree that the trophy is the least important of the three.

The other two competitions are big and I feel that they will win one victory each.

For some reason, and I don’t know exactly why, I think Liverpool will win the Premier League.

This game at Etihad Stadium will be decisive in the race for the title because whoever comes first after it will be very hard to catch – I just don’t see any team losing many points anywhere else.

There is a big request from Liverpool to go there and win because even Klopp has done it only once in the Premier League since 2015, but I just feel like the Reds will win.

At the same time, I think this will be City’s year in the Champions League. The general goal when you talk about tournament football, whether it’s the elite club competition or the top international game, is that you want to keep getting deeper or closer, time after time.

Do it like City continue to do in Europe and in the end you will win.

If I’m wrong and City are left empty-handed or Liverpool just win the Champions League Cup, then some will consider their seasons a failure.

But not by me. For me, a bad season is what could end for Manchester United if they finish out of place in the Champions League and also miss out on trophies again.

Of course it would be devastating, but to use an extreme example, if City or Liverpool finished second in the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup, it would be almost perfect for me.

For both of them, making it this far means that their teams played at a consistently excellent level throughout the season and competed at the top of European football and domestically for eight months.

So whatever happens next, it’s already been a very good season for Liverpool and City, but it could be special.

Danny Murphy spoke to BBC Sport correspondent Chris Bevan.

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